January 22nd, 2018 | By: John Stewart

Top 8 Reasons to Get a Property Evaluation in January

Top 8 reasons to get a property evaluation in January:

  1. To understand how to be best positioned for the most extensive tax law changes in 32 years.
  2. To understand what four more years of the De Blasio Administration will likely mean for your rents, your real estate taxes, apartment deregulation, development and New York City.
  3. To understand why so many empty stores continue to stay empty, and what your options are if you have a store lease that is expiring soon.
  4. To understand how the Federal Reserve’s three projected interest rates increases in 2018 will affect your building’s value, buyer sentiment, cap rates and borrowing (interest rates, LTVs, etc.).
  5. To have a plan for when the current economic expansion finally crests (we’re in the eighth year – average expansions since 1945 have been around six years).
  6. To begin to put together the best possible long-term strategy if your ultimate, long-term goal is to sell your building.
  7. To be fully informed about your options if and when the need to sell your building ever arises.
  8. To be able to answer the essential question: “What is the long-term plan for my building?“.

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