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Research Brief: Retail – April 2019

Retail spending slows amid economic concerns. A moderating economy became more evident in February as core retail sales advanced 2.9 percent annually, following a revised gain of 4.3 percent one month earlier. Unresolved trade tensions as well as a weakening international economy continue to weigh on domestic growth, straining retail sales in the process. Over the past few months, spending habits have been sporadic as they moved with shifting levels of consumer confidence.

Research Brief: Federal Reserve – March 2019

Interest rates fall as Fed shifts policy outlook. At its latest meeting, the Federal Reserve signaled an end to rate hikes this year, while reserving the potential for one increase in 2020. The Fed also announced its intention to end the runoff of its balance sheet, a process referred to as quantitative tightening. These steps have coincided with considerable financial market volatility and robust demand for Treasurys, which has pushed the 10-Year Treasury below the… Read More

Investment Forecast – 2019 NYC Multifamily

Amazon, Google Expansions Highlight Increasing Tech Presence, Driving Apartment Demand in Boroughs Announcements by tech giants set stage for next phase of growth in New York City. Following the recent announcements by Google and Amazon to undertake vast expansions of their office foot-print and workforce, the New York City metro has set the stage for robust growth stemming from the tech sector. While Google will be expanding in Lower Manhattan, Amazon has opted for Long Island… Read More

Market Research Report: New York City – Q4 2018

Persistent job growth and broad employment base support robust apartment demand. Fueled by the largest population base in the county, the NYC economy remains on solid footing. A host of industries, including a vibrant startup scene, have generated consistent job growth, boosting demand for apartments. As supply increases reached a cycle high in 20176, rent growth slowed as developers utilized incentives to fill new proprieties,s particularly along the East River in Brooklyn and Queens. The… Read More

Research Brief: Stock Market – October 2018

Rising interest rates, midterm elections spark equity market volatility. The stock market suffered its second largest single-day decline of the year on Wednesday, Oct. 10, contributing to a 4 percent weekly drop. Simultaneously, the S&P Volatility Index (VIX), a measure of how quickly equity markets are moving, rose from 15 to 24 in the past weeks, indicating a strong market sell-off. Both were precipitated by long-term interest rates rising rapidly earlier this month, carrying the 10-year… Read More

Research Brief: Housing – October 2018

Though mortgage interest rates remain historically low, the average 30-year fixed rate reached its highest level since 2011. Rising mortgage rates in conjunction with home values that have appreciated more than 64 percent over the same time period are discouraging many potential homeowners from making offers due to their inability to afford mortgage payments. Because of the rising costs, the pace of sales has declined each month since March. The increasing costs of homeownership, as… Read More

Research Brief: Employment – October 2018

Unemployment continues to decline, including for those with a degree. The number of unemployed people in the U.S. fell by 270,000 last month to just under 6 million. The last time fewer people looked for work was in December 2000. Last month’s job growth pushed down the unemployment rate 20 basis points to 3.7 percent from the previous month. For those with a four-year college degree, the rate dropped 10 basis points to 2.0 percent, its… Read More

Research Brief: Retail – September 2018

Soaring confidence further elevates consumption. Strong consumer spending continued in August, boosting core retail sales 5.9 percent on an annual basis and surpassing the precious four-month average of 5.8 percent. A healthy job market and steadily rising wages remain key drivers of consumer confidence, pushing it to its highest level this cycle. With optimism climbing, consumers are making more discretionary purchases, benefiting retailers of electronics and appliances as the sector recorded 4.1 percent annual growth.… Read More

Research Brief: Housing – September 2018

Monthly housing payments surged this year for homebuyers as mortgage rate increases and rising home prices lifted the cost of homeownership. The monthly payment on a median-priced home now stands $130 higher than at the beginning of the year, driven by a 70-basis-point interest rate increase. Fixed-rate mortgages now average about 4.5 percent, their highest level since 2011, and this has increased the gap between the monthly mortgage payment on a median-price home and the… Read More

Market Research Report: New York City – Q3 2018

Low unemployment and consistent job growth are boosting apartment demand. A broad base of high-wage industries and more than 8.5 million residents are driving significant net absorption of apartments, particularly as single-family homes remain out of reach for many would-be buyers. As the pace of construction soared, net absorption outpaced new supply every year since 2012, fostering a metrowide vacancy rate that reached 2 percent by the end of 2017. This year, development with contract… Read More